Current price lists and interest rates

The price lists below are only applicable to - Foreign Currency Accounts, HSBC Passport Bank Accounts and International Personal Accounts.

Information on pricing and charges can be found in:

for: Amanah Bank Account, Appointee Bank Account, Bank Account, Bank Account Pay Monthly, Basic Bank Account, Current Account, Graduate Bank Account, Home Management Account, HSBC Advance Bank Account, HSBC Currency Account, HSBC Save and Borrow, HSBC Premier Bank Account, MyMoney and HSBC Premier Family, Student Bank Account, Fixed Rate Saver Bond ("Fixed Rate Saver"), Flexible Saver, Future Saver for Children, HSBC Premier Savings Account, Instant Access Savings, Online Saver, Regular Saver and Young Saver.

(this explains the monthly maximum charge if you go into unarranged overdraft. Effective from 1 August 2017)


Previous price lists and interest rates

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