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Your team of experts

A team of specialists here to support you

We're committed to meeting your unique needs

Your Wealth Manager, Relationship Manager and a team of experts will support you on your journey to reach your personal ambitions. You'll have access to specialist advice in a range of fields including investments, insurance, property and foreign currency.

Get to know your Jade team

A team of specialists

A Wealth Manager will help manage your financial needs, with a team of specialists to help you achieve your wealth goals. 

Expert support

A Relationship Manager will support your everyday banking needs, working closely with your Wealth Manager to get you the very best out of your wealth.

A tailored wealth strategy

From market insights to optimised investment models, the Jade team will help you take advantage of new opportunities to manage your wealth. 

Things you should know

Our advice

Your Wealth Manager will discuss the types of products and services we offer advice on. They'll also explain which areas we don't advise on, such as specific tax advice.

We offer restricted advice, meaning we only offer limited types of products from a limited number of companies including HSBC. Fees apply for these services. Financial eligibility criteria apply. 

Investment risk

The value of investments (and any income received from them) can fall as well as rise and you may not get back what you invested.

Ready to open an HSBC Jade account?

To apply for Jade, you need to meet certain financial and other eligibility criteria. Check your eligibility and find out how to apply.

Already a Jade client?

For wealth advice, please contact your Wealth Manager directly. 

For anything else, you can call the Jade team on 03457 70 70 70 from 08:00-20:00.

If you haven't already, unlock your exclusive lifestyle benefits with HSBC Jade Concierge services.

It's easy to answer your query online. Visit our Help page to find out how.