How to set up digital banking

Through online banking services and apps you can get access to a range of services and features to help you manage your money. They’re available any day of the week and at any time – giving you access and control of your money whenever you need.

Here’s a guide to getting yourself set up with HSBC.

Mobile banking

Things you can do with the HSBC UK Mobile Banking app:

To register for the HSBC UK Mobile Banking app:

  1. Download the HSBC UK Mobile Banking app from your app store.
  2. Read and accept the terms and conditions.

You can now log on using your current details if you’re already registered for online banking.

If you’re not currently registered for online banking: 
  1. Select ‘Register for mobile and online banking’. 
  2. Follow the instructions to register and activate your Digital Secure Key.


Our mobile banking app is currently available on:

  • Apple devices with an operating system of iOS10.3 or higher
  • Android phones with an operating system of 5.0 or higher

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Download the HSBC Mobile Banking app

Online banking

Things you can do with HSBC online banking:

To register for online banking with HSBC:

You'll need one of the following:

  • HSBC sort code and account number
  • HSBC credit card number
  • InvestDirect account number

You'll also need your telephone banking security number. This is a 6 to 10-digit number that we may have asked you to create at the time you opened your account. If you don't have one, call us on 03457 400004 to set one up. If you have one but have forgotten it, call us on 03456 002290 to reset it.

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