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Complaints data

Every 6 months both the Financial Conduct Authority and the Financial Ombudsman Service publish complaints data about individual financial businesses.

Providing excellent customer service and satisfaction is very important to everyone at HSBC, and when things go wrong we want to resolve them quickly and fairly.

We've provided a summary of our complaints data for the second half of 2017. To see how we've done, simply click on one of our three companies below.

Firm name: HSBC Bank PLC

Period covered in this report: 1st July to 31st December 2017

Brands/trading names covered: HSBC Bank, first direct

Product / Service Group Number of complaints opened by volume of business Number of complaints opened Number of complaints closed % closed within 3 days % closed after 3 days but within 8 weeks % upheld1 Main cause of complaints opened

Banking & credit cards

6.88 per 1,000 accounts 183,175 183,565 72.7% 23.9% 53.7% General admin / Customer service

Home finance

17.10 per 1,000 balances outstanding 14,443 13,999 51.7% 43.7% 69.1% General admin / Customer service

Insurance and Pure Protection

9.66 per 1,000 policies in force 66,157 72,683 3.6% 87.2% 83.6% Advising / Selling / Arranging

Decumulation2 and pensions

3.30 per 1,000 policies in force 44 47 21.3% 63.8% 31.9% Advising / Selling / Arranging


1.53 per 1,000 client accounts 1,359 1,314 31% 59.4% 56.4% General admin / Customer service

Credit related

6.39 per 1,000 accounts / loans 4,664 4,621 - - 43.9% -


1 'Complaints upheld by firm' refers to the percentage of complaints that the bank has found in the customer's favour either in whole or part.

2 'Decumulation' is the way in which customers can turn their accumulated assets into an income. This can be done, for example, to help provide an income for retirement.

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For further information and published complaints data, including other UK banks, visit:

Financial Conduct Authority

Financial Ombudsman Service

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