Once you've registered the death you should notify us, if you haven't done so already.

There are various ways to do this, you may find the quickest way to notify us is to complete our Online Notification form.

You can also call our Bereavement Support Team on 0800 085 1992 or notify us by visiting a branch, appointments are recommended and can be made through the Bereavement Support Team.

Once you've notified us, we'll then be able to confirm the next steps, including what documents we need to see and any forms that need to be completed.

Letting other banks know

If you need to tell other banks and building societies, you may be able to use the UK Death Notification Service. This free service helps you tell several financial organisations about a death at the same time.

Find out which financial institutions are members  of the UK Death Notification Service.


For HSBC current and savings accounts the documents we are likely to require are listed below:

  • Original death certificate or the Coroner's certificate
  • If there is a Will, an original or certified copy of the Will, to confirm who is entitled to deal with the estate and be a personal representative.
  • If a personal representative of the deceased does not already bank with HSBC, we'll need one form of identification and one form of address verification for each of the personal representatives (e.g. full or provisional driving licence, passport, utility bill or armed forces ID card).
  • If there is no Will, a Grant of Probate or Letters of Administration may be required to confirm you are the executor of the estate.
  • Our Bereavement Support Team will provide you with the necessary Account Closure Forms once notified.

For a complete list of the acceptable documents as proof of identity and confirmation of address please see Help Us Identify You.

To understand what will happen to other HSBC accounts, products or services after notification we have set out more details which can be found within our What happens when we are notified of the death of a customer? pages. Please do not hesitate to contact the Bereavement Support Team with any questions you have. You can show us documents or return forms by visiting your local branch of HSBC (an appointment may be necessary). You can find your nearest branch using our branch locator tool within the contact us section.

Alternatively you can post the original documents or forms to:

HSBC Bereavement Services

51 Saffron Road


LE18 4AG

All original documents will be returned to you in the post. High value documents will be sent by special delivery. If you want further information on which method of post will be used for certain documents, please ask the Bereavement Support Team.

HSBC Accounts

As soon as we're notified of a death, we inform all parts of HSBC and we will let you know if you need to take any further action regarding specific accounts.

Any sole accounts the deceased had are automatically frozen. This means:

  • No money can be taken out of the accounts.
  • HSBC continues to allow all credits into deceased accounts.
  • By law, we must cancel any Direct Debits or standing orders – including utility bills, mortgage or loan payments.

Alternative arrangements may need to be made to continue to pay the bills. We'll provide the personal representative with a full list of information to assist with this task. The only exception to this is home insurance, which we may continue to pay if the personal representative asks us to and credit funds are available.

After you have told us that a person has passed away, for a short time they may still be sent mail from us. This is because it is prepared and printed several weeks in advance. We make every effort to avoid this happening but should you receive any such mail, please accept our apologies.

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Letting us know

Call us

0800 085 1992

or +44 (0)114 252 0249 if you're calling from outside the UK

Lines are open 8:30am to 6pm, Monday to Friday and Saturdays 9am to 2pm (excluding public holidays).

General enquiries

Notify us online

You can inform us of a bereavement online.

Visit us in branch

Write to us

You can send documents to:

HSBC Bereavement Services

51 Saffron Road


LE18 4AG

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