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Third party mandate

A third party mandate is a formal instruction from you to HSBC UK. It tells us that you’d like someone else to carry out everyday banking transactions on your HSBC UK bank account.

These don't include arranging a formal overdraft or opening or closing an account for you.

You might consider this option if you need help managing your accounts, for convenience or because you don’t have access to them.

For example, if you're recovering from an operation you might want someone to pay your bills.

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Please note, before deciding if a third party mandate is right for you, you should consider other options.

You’ll find more examples of when a third party mandate may be suitable in our ‘Understanding third party access’ table.

What access does a third party mandate give?

A third party mandate gives access to:

  • obtain information about account holder's account(s)
  • make payments (i.e. bills)
  • withdraw cash
  • decrease card limit
  • deposit cash/cheques
  • retrieve items from safe keeping (excluding wills, unless  written consent is given by the account holder)
  • access phone banking 
  • issue cheques
  • hold a debit card (excluding on Global Money Accounts)
  • send high value payments including overseas payments
  • send electronic funds transfers (EFTs)

How do I register a third party mandate?

Complete a third party mandate in a branch

You and your third party should visit an HSBC UK branch to complete the third party mandate registration. You can complete and print the form before visiting the branch by downloading a copy from this link: Third party mandate form (PDF, 903KB)

There are some important things to remember:

Follow the instructions carefully as any mistakes may lead to a delay in processing your third party mandate.

The third party must supply suitable documents proving their identity and residential address (see examples on page 5 of the Third party mandate general information (PDF, 2,412KB)

The third party must include full name, address, date of birth and signature on the third party mandate.

Return a third party mandate by post

You can get a blank copy of a third party mandate from any HSBC UK branch or download, complete and print a copy from this link: Third party mandate form (PDF, 903KB) then post it back to a branch.

Please include the following documents in the envelope:

  • completed third party mandate (including the full name, address, date of birth and signature of all account holders)
  • suitable documents proving the identity and residential address for the third party (see examples on page 5 of the Third party mandate general information (PDF, 2,412KB)


We can accept official copies certified by a solicitor if you're sending your documents by post.

Please note, we may contact you by phone and ask you to verify your identity with a standard security check. We’ll then confirm that you’re happy for the mandate to be issued before completing your request.

Please note, HSBC UK does not accept responsibility if original documents sent to us have been lost in the post.

What ID documents are acceptable?

Example identification documents

  • current passport
  • current National Identity Card
  • current driving licence
  • travel documents (issued in the UK by the Home Office)

Example address documents

  • Council Tax bill (valid for current year)
  • utility bill (dated within last 4 months)
  • phone bill (dated within last 4 months) – mobile phone bills are not acceptable

For a list of all the documents we accept, please see our proof of ID and address page.

When will third party access stop?

You can choose to cancel your third party mandate at any time.

If we are notified that either of you begin to lose mental capacity the third party mandate will automatically be cancelled. 

Events which may affect your third party access see our ‘Stopping Third Party Access’ table on page 10 of the Third party mandate general information (PDF, 2,412KB)

How do I cancel an existing third party mandate?

If you choose to cancel your third party mandate you can do at anytime by either:

  • visiting us in branch to speak to us in person. To find your nearest branch, use our handy branch locator
  • speak to one of our colleagues on 03457 404 404. Lines are open from 08:00 to 20:00 every day. We may monitor or record calls
  • send a signed written request to a branch providing us with your sort code and account number, details of the third parties to be removed from the account and the date you wish the cancellation of the mandate to be effective from

It may take up to 10 working days from receipt of the instruction for the cancellation to take effect.

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