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Can you go green with your home insurance?

From choosing energy efficient products to renewable energy, more of us are making eco-friendly purchasing decisions.

One way you could help the environment is through your home cover. 

Here, we look at the ways in which Aviva, our insurance provider, is making HSBC Home Insurance more sustainable.

Replacing old items with new, energy-efficient ones

Electrical items and appliances, such as fridges, freezers and washing machines, have improved dramatically in recent years. 

Not only have they become more energy efficient, but they are also cheaper to run – reducing your utility bills and saving you money. 

When it comes to your home insurance, consider what would happen if such items needed replacing, due to flooding for example.  

We replace old appliances with new ones that have an energy efficiency rating of at least ‘A’. Where possible, your old items will also be removed for recycling to reduce their impact on the environment.

Reusing old parts and reducing waste

Some items, such as laptops, need replacing because replacement parts aren’t available. 

To reduce waste, ‘non-memory’ related parts from used laptops are collected to help repair other laptops. 

This can help speed up the repair process (so you have your laptop back sooner), lower costs and protect the environment too.

Restoring things you love

Fire damage claims

A fire can destroy a property and cause irreversible damage. Smoke can also permanently damage possessions if left too long. But the sooner you act, the more chance you have of being able to restore them.

HSBC Home Insurance includes a rapid-response service to begin work on these claims within 48 hours, which aims to increase the number of items that can be restored.

Being able to restore items can reduce the environmental impact and help you get back in your home sooner.

Stain-damaged carpets

Accidentally spilled coffee on your carpet? You may be able to claim on your home insurance as optional cover. 

Instead of replacing carpets, many insurance providers, including Aviva, are now capable of removing stains using new technology. Not only is this more convenient for you, it also helps to decrease their carbon footprint by reducing the number of carpets that need replacing. 

Flood and storm damage

It’s not always possible to restore the things you love, especially if they have been badly damaged by flooding. 

Many insurance providers try to recycle as much as they can and are looking at ways to avoid waste, such as non-recyclable carpets and insulation, going to landfill. 

The way insurance providers process your claims can make a difference to the environment.

Research by The Carbon Trust, for example, indicates Aviva has saved 7,200 tonnes of CO2e by changing how it processes ‘escape of water’ claims.1

Things to consider

When choosing home cover, value for money isn’t just about price. You need to make sure you have enough cover for your needs.

It’s also important to read policies carefully. Your insurance provider should not only support you, but help the environment too, in the way they process claims.

With so many home insurance products on the market, comparing different policies can be difficult. To help you, Defaqto has developed an insurance comparison tool, so you can compare HSBC buildings and contents insurance with other providers.

HSBC Home Insurance is underwritten by Aviva Insurance Limited. Exclusions and terms and conditions apply.