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What are the benefits of having a home security camera?

Some home security cameras allow homeowners to remotely monitor their home at any time regardless of their location.

While some advantages may be obvious, like alerting you of unexpected activity, having a surveillance camera installed within your home can provide several other benefits. They can record footage, sound alarms, and enable you to check in with loved ones - even the family pet.

How do home security cameras work?

Home security cameras capture footage of events which happen in a particular area of your home. You can install as many cameras as you like inside and outside your home and you can connect a smart camera to your smartphone to give you the ability to monitor your home whenver you need.

What are the benefits of having a home security camera?

Protect your home from burglaries and break-ins: Installing a security camera could protect your home and family from potential burglaries and break-ins. The majority of smart security cameras will send an alarm to your smartphone to alert you of any unexpected activity. In the event that you're a victim of a burglary, your installed camera or cameras could record the incident and aid the police with capturing the criminal.

Communicate with loved ones: Security cameras aren't limited to just protecting your home and valuables. These devices can be used to check in or communicate with family members when you aren't there. This can mean checking your kids are doing their homework after school or talking to your partner via a two-way voice communication. It can also allow you to keep a close eye on your pets.

Medical assistance: For those loved ones with medical conditions or of an older age, a home security camera can help you assess whether everything is okay. For example, a security camera can be helpful if you have an ageing mother who lives alone, but is susceptible to falls and you're not able to get through to her on the phone.

Insurance benefits: If you're a homeowner, having home insurance can protect you if something goes wrong. A camera should provide your insurance company with proof if an event, such as a burglary or accident, is to occur.

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