External protection


  • Keep your front door well maintained and preferably fitted with a 5-lever mortise lock. The lock is usually the first thing burglars check.
  • Put a cage over your letter box. This will stop theives "fishing" putting a long stick through your letterbox to hook nearby keys.
  • Make sure your side gate doesn't have a convenient handle for the theif to step onto and over. You can also put a trellis on top of your fence. Burglars hate them because they snap.


Keep things hidden

To the passing burglar, your front room is like a shop window. At a glance, the burglar can see how well off you are and how careful you are with your possessions.


  • Use curtains and blinds to make it hard to see in
  • Make sure your window locks are visible (essential at front and back on both the ground and first floors)
  • Keep internal doors closed so burglars can't get an idea of the layout and work out an escape route
  • It may be a good idea to keep spare keys and other valuables in the loft. Burglars don't like going up there as there's no way for them to get out.


Lock up your tools

View your shed or garage as an extension of your house. Put at least a couple of locks on the outside, plus wire on the window so thieves can’t use your garden spade or fork to prise a door open.

Don’t put your patio table right next to the house as it provides a useful ladder.


Don’t fit a cheap alarm

Get an alarm from a reputable, well-known company. Burglars can easily bypass the cheap systems. For maximum security, choose an alarm with cameras that you can see remotely on your computer.


Don’t let everyone know your plans

Beware of what you reveal on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter. Don’t make your routine or habits obvious and don’t announce your holiday plans.

Check your calendar at home can’t be seen through the window. That way, no one can see your appointments.

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