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Consent to Let

Apply for a Consent to Let for short-term use

I want to rent out my home

If you have an HSBC residential mortgage and need to rent out your home temporarily, you can apply for our Consent to Let.

It’s a condition of your mortgage that you get our agreement before renting out your property.

If we give you consent, it will usually be for 24 months. This is to cover short-term or temporary changes in your circumstances.

If you’d like to rent out your property permanently, you'll need to apply for a Buy to Let mortgage.

We won't consider an application for a Consent to Let until at least 6 months after the start of your mortgage term – unless there are exceptional circumstances. For example, this could be if you’re a member of the armed forces and are taking up a new post.

How to apply

  • Log onto online banking and send us a request to rent out your property via secure e-message. You’ll need to give the reason for the request and the time period you’re asking for.
  • You can also speak to our mortgage team by calling 0800 169 6333 or Textphone 1800 10800 028 1236
  • If you’d prefer to make your request in writing, please send your letter to: Customer Service Centre BX8 4HB.

Contact us

Lines open Monday – Saturday 08:00 – 20:00, Sunday 09:00 – 18:00. Calls may be monitored and recorded. Opening hours within the mortgage departments may vary.

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