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Opportunity doesn't do borders

Borders. Can be useful, but not always

Borders come in many forms and they’re in more places than we think. Some invisible, some less so. We believe that when we can break down borders and see beyond them, then we can see opportunity everywhere. 


Together with Shelter, we're working to help those without a fixed address. By gaining access to a bank account they can break the vicious cycle of financial exclusion.


As a bank we believe in building a diverse and inclusive culture. We're working hard to make sure all of our colleagues are given equal opportunities regardless of background, ability, race or gender.


We're proud to give you the choice to update your account to match your gender-neutral title.


Pride embraces everyone and everything that makes you, you. We’re proud to support our customers and colleagues celebrating equality and challenging prejudice.

Climate change doesn't do borders

We are committed to the transition to a global net zero economy, not just by playing our part, but by helping to lead it. We’re doing this across the bank – in our operations and supply chain – and by supporting our customers in their own transitions.

Change Please

We’re proudly working with Change Please on ‘Driving For Change’. This is an innovative project to transform London buses into vital support centres for the homeless. The buses will help those in need, offering everything from a shower, haircut, meal and fresh clothes through to counselling and dentistry. We'll also be supporting individuals with our No Fixed Address service and financial education resources, helping them re-enter the financial system and get back on their feet.

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Ethnicity shouldn't be a barrier to opportunity

We've pledged £2 million to award University of Cambridge scholarships to 30 Black students. All applicants will also have the option to explore work experience, skills development and mentoring opportunities with us.

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When it becomes difficult to manage your finances, it can be hard to give up control and rely completely on someone else. That's why we've worked with Dementia UK and other charities to develop our Independence Service.

This service allows the individual to keep a level of financial independence so they can go about day-to-day tasks such as food shopping and paying bills. However, a legal third party will retain control of financial arrangements with us, providing real peace of mind.

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We've partnered with the National Trust to plant 2 million trees by 2025. This is part of an ambitious plan to increase access to nature, tackle climate change, attract more wildlife and protect landscapes prone to flooding.

The project aims to create 2,000 hectares of new woodland habitat and lock in 1.25 million tonnes of carbon over the lifetime of the trees.


We’re working with BBC Children in Need to help improve financial capabilities and independence, to equip children and young people with financial skills to lift barriers and support them for years to come.

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More than 8 million people are on the brink of famine in Afghanistan. Drought, conflict and the Covid-19 pandemic continue to cause a catastrophic rise in hunger. Children are dying today, and a million more under the age of five are at risk of dying over the next three months. We need to act now to save lives.

The DEC is a registered charity, number 1062638.

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