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How to update your gender with us

Changing your gender can be done in your nearest branch. As we don't want to keep you waiting, we recommend you book a 15 minute appointment at your convenience.

Before updating your gender with us, we recommend you notify the credit agencies (Equifax, Callcredit and Experian) of your change of gender. The agencies can advise on the best course of action to ensure your credit profile is updated to reflect the change.

When updating your gender, we'll need to identify you from our existing records. In order to complete the change, you must provide us with one of the relevant supporting documents showing your new gender:

  • a valid passport
  • a driving licence
  • a birth certificate

We're also happy to accept a Gender Recognition Certificate or Medical Letter. Whilst we would never insist you provide these documents, we'll accept them if you're happy to provide them on a voluntary basis.

We'll accept letters from a medical consultant. This can be from a regular GP, a specialist gender identity consultant, a psychologist, endocrinologist or a representative from a gender identity clinic (NHS or private). Upon receipt of the required documentation, we'll take a photocopy (where appropriate) and return to you. We'll then update the change with immediate effect.

We won't take a photocopy of the Gender Recognition Certificate if provided on a voluntary basis.

Title changes during your transition

We're happy to also update your title during your transition to your preferred gender. We do not require any documentation to do this and you're welcome to choose a title of your choice.


Gender-neutral titles

If you don't want to have a gender-specific title on your account, we can update your details to a gender-neutral title (ie Mx).

For gender-neutral title changes where you're not changing your name, we don't need any proof for the change to be made.

You can choose a gender-neutral title when opening an account in a branch or over the phone. If you prefer to open your account online, you'll need to visit a local branch or call us to update your title once the account is opened.

Changing your title in branch

We'll need you to complete a 'Changing my name with HSBC (PDF)' form. We'll work with you to complete this when you visit the branch. Alternatively, you can print and complete the form at home and bring this into branch for us to check.

Upon completion of the form, we'll update all of your accounts held with the bank to reflect the change within approximately 7 working days (some products, such as insurance or investment products may take longer). This will then generate new cards and chequebooks (if you require them) showing your new title which we'll send to you in the post or, if you prefer, can be collected from your nearest branch.

Within the title section, you'll see that Mx is listed as an option. However, if you wish for us to update to one of the other available titles, please select 'Other' and input the title you wish for us to use.

Changing your title over the phone

If you're registered for telephone banking, you can call us to request a gender neutral title on 03457 404 404 (03457 707070 for Premier Customers) where we will be able to assist you further.

Following your request we'll update all of your accounts held with the bank to reflect the change within approximately 7 working days (some products, such as insurance or investment products may take longer).

Available titles

We appreciate that Mx is not the only gender neutral title in use and you can now choose to change your title to any of the following:

Mx; Ind; M; Misc; Mre; Msr; Myr; Pr; Sai; Ser.

Changing your name

For name changes due to a change of gender please refer to the Update your details page.