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ISA transfers

How to transfer from one ISA into another

What is an ISA transfer?

Transferring an ISA is where you move your funds from one ISA provider to another, or where you change from one type of ISA to another with the same or different provider. The ISA you're transferring can include both current and previous tax year balances.

If you want to protect your tax-free allowance, your ISA must be transferred correctly to a new provider.

Why would you want to do an ISA transfer?

You might want to transfer an ISA because you're looking for a better interest rate. or because you want to bring all your ISAs together in one place.

Transferring an ISA to HSBC

If you want to transfer an existing ISA, you'll need an HSBC ISA to transfer into. If you don't already have one, take a look at our ISAs and see which one suits your needs.

Before you do an ISA transfer, make sure you check the terms and conditions of ISA you’re transferring from, in case there are any withdrawal restrictions or charges.

Transfers into an HSBC Fixed Rate Cash ISA

If you haven't already applied for an HSBC Fixed Rate Cash ISA, do that first.

During your application you will have been advised whether your existing provider required a paper transfer authority form. If your application has been accepted, we will have sent you the relevant form in the post, however copies are available here.

Please make sure you only complete the form which matches the type of transfer you told us you wanted to do during your application.

Online transfers into an HSBC Loyalty Cash ISA

If the provider of your existing ISA supports online cash ISA transfers you'll be able to transfer online.

Postal transfers into an HSBC Loyalty Cash ISA

Other ISAs that can be transferred into an HSBC Loyalty Cash ISA include stocks and shares ISAs, protected ISAs and matured child trust funds.

Transferring between HSBC ISAs

If you have an existing HSBC Cash ISA and want to transfer it into an HSBC Loyalty Cash ISA, you can do this by phone or by filling in a form and posting it to us.

Frequently asked questions

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