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Lease an electric vehicle

Drive into the future with flexible electric vehicle leasing.

Lease a brand-new electric vehicle for up to 48 months

HSBC is working with ZenAuto to offer a range of electric vehicles available to lease online. 

Leasing – also known as Personal Contract Hire (PCH) – is a flexible way to drive the latest electric vehicles. You’ll drive the car for a fixed term and pay for the lease in monthly instalments. As you won’t own the car, you’ll return it once your term ends and then have the freedom to start a new lease.

When leasing a new electric vehicle, you’ll be responsible for insurance and maintenance, as well as making sure you don’t exceed mileage restrictions. 

Maintenance and servicing costs can be included in your monthly repayment or you have the choice to budget and pay these costs yourself.

  • Choose from a range of car manufacturers
  • Order your electric vehicle entirely online
  • Get ZenAuto support whenever you need it
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Who are ZenAuto?

ZenAuto is part of Zenith, who have been leasing fleets of vehicles to companies for over 30 years.

ZenAuto leases vehicles directly to customers, and offers a large range of electric vehicles.

How does leasing an electric vehicle work?

If you’re ready to go electric, you can do so via ZenAuto’s website. You’ll be able to view a range of electric vehicles and get a quote based on your personal leasing requirements.

When you’ve found a vehicle that meets your needs, you can complete the online application process with ZenAuto. Once this is approved, the vehicle will be ordered. ZenAuto will then keep you informed on the delivery timescales for your new electric vehicle.

Delivery to mainland Great Britain is included.

Leasing information

What should I expect from HSBC when leasing an electric vehicle from ZenAuto?

Electric vehicle leasing is a product offered, serviced, and financed by ZenAuto. HSBC doesn't lease the vehicle to you - we're only introducing you to ZenAuto. You should decide for yourself whether the product and agreement are right for you. 

Once your electric vehicle is ordered, all enquires should be made directly with ZenAuto. Any communications you receive about your lease will be from ZenAuto.

Start the search for a new electric vehicle

If you're ready to go electric, you can search for an electric vehicle on ZenAuto.

We'll receive a referral fee from ZenAuto for every order placed for a leased electric vehicle. 

The amount of commission we receive doesn't affect the amount you pay to ZenAuto under your hire agreement.

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