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Electric vehicles

Interested in switching to an electric vehicle? Use our tools to help you understand the costs and decide if you're ready.

Find out if an electric vehicle is right for you

Use these videos, articles and tools to learn more about electric vehicles, and calculate the cost of more sustainable travel.

Take your first steps

Build your personalised driver profile, check your readiness for an electric vehicle (EV), and find your perfect model from the latest available to lease.
Compare the running costs of driving an electric vehicle vs a petrol/diesel car.

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Find out more about travelling more sustainably with electric vehicle leasing
Discover a flexible way to drive the latest electric vehicles.

Discover more

Ways to finance an EV

From buying outright to leasing, there are many different ways to finance your electric vehicle. 

Watch our video and read our article to find out more.

Things to consider before buying an EV

We take a look at some of the key things to consider if you're thinking of buying an electric vehicle.

Watch our video and read our article to find out more.

Our approach to sustainability

Just to let you know, today we finance a number of industries that significantly contribute to greenhouse gas emissions. We have a climate strategy to help our customers to reduce their emissions and to reduce our own.

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