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Are you EV ready?

Take Zergo’s short survey to see how an electric vehicle (EV) could fit your lifestyle, and browse the latest models available to lease.

Find your perfect EV in a matter of minutes

Get instant personalised insights by taking Zergo’s short survey, and find out how an EV could fit in with your lifestyle, including running costs and charging frequency.

1. Build your driver profile

Enter your commuting patterns and a sample of trips, such as to the local shop, the kids’ school, or that once-a-year trip down to Cornwall.

2. Receive personalised EV insights

Get instantly generated insights based on your driver profile, showing suitability with your driving habits, charging options, potential running cost savings and CO2 reductions.

3. Compare EV models

Make an informed choice by comparing running costs, charging requirements and personal leasing costs1 for the latest EV models.

This service is offered by Diode Group Limited trading as Zergo, and does not represent a recommendation from HSBC as to the suitability of EVs for your personal circumstances.

Get started

Start your digital journey to see if an electric vehicle is right for you.

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Important information

  1. Electric vehicle leasing is a product offered, serviced, and financed by ZenAuto. HSBC doesn't lease the vehicle to you - we're only introducing you to ZenAuto. You should decide for yourself whether the product and agreement are right for you.

We'll receive a referral fee from ZenAuto for every order placed for a leased electric vehicle. The amount of commission we receive doesn't affect the amount you pay to ZenAuto under your hire agreement.

You can find out more about leasing an electric vehicle.

It's easy to answer your query online. Visit our Help page to find out how.