Use your fingerprint to log on to the mobile banking app

Your fingerprint is an excellent security device; no two are exactly the same and you've always got it with you. If you have one of the Android devices listed below, you can log onto the mobile banking app or generate a security code on your Digital Secure Key with just your fingerprint. 

To use Android Fingerprint you'll need:

  • The latest version of the HSBC UK Mobile Banking app
  • To have chosen a Digital Secure Key
  • To have a compatible device and operating system 



Enable Android Fingerprint by following these steps

  • To enable Android Fingerprint in the app, make sure it's already set up on your device. You'll also need to have a passcode or screen lock.
  • To enable biometrics, log on to the HSBC UK Mobile Banking app and follow the instructions on the screen.
  • You can also set up biometrics from 'Security Settings' when logged on.
  • If you reinstall our app, you'll be prompted to enable your biometric information again the next time you log on. 
Fingerprinting steps

Important security information

When you enable Android Fingerprint log on, any fingerprint stored on your device, now or in the future, can be used to log on on to the HSBC UK Mobile Banking app. You should only enable Android Fingerprint if you're the only person who has registered fingerprints on your device.

More information about keeping your device and security details safe and secure are available in the Security section of the HSBC UK Mobile Banking app Terms and Conditions. You can find these in the app menu.

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