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Telephone banking FAQs

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Can I set up Voice ID when I'm in the branch?

Yes. One of our customer service representatives will take you to a phone in a quiet area so you can make the call to set it up.


If I’m ill or sound a bit different, will Voice ID still work?

Voice ID will still work when you are suffering from a general cold or sore throat. In exceptional situations where you have a more severe illness that affects your voice, we'll verify you using a different method.


If I'm in a noisy place or it's a bad line, will Voice ID still work?

We may not be able to recognise your voice if the line is bad or it's noisy in the background. If that happens, we'll transfer you to an agent who will verify you by asking you some security questions. Alternatively, you could call us back when you're somewhere less noisy or from a different phone.


If I have a speech impediment or use a voice box, will Voice ID still work?

It should be possible for you to set up Voice ID if you have a speech impediment. We'll just need to ensure we can get at least three strong recordings of you repeating the pass phrase. However, you may find it easier to continue using your telephone banking security number.

We don't recommend setting up Voice ID if you use a voice box or speech synthesiser since some of these use a standard voice that won’t be unique to you.


Can I use Voice ID on behalf of someone for whom I am a carer or hold Power of Attorney?

Yes, you can set up Voice ID on any account that you have permission to operate.


Can someone record my voice and use it to access my account?

Our systems will detect if a recording of your voice is being played. And we'll recognise an imposter trying to imitate your voice, because your voice is unique in the same way your fingerprint is.


What if I don't know my telephone security number? Can I still use Voice ID?

If you've called to set up Voice ID and don't know your telephone security number, we'll transfer you to an agent.

They'll ask you some additional security questions, and if you answer these correctly you'll be able to set up Voice ID. If you can't answer the questions, you'll need to pop into a branch with some photo ID so we can reset your security.


I'm worried about my voice being recorded?

We already record all our telephone banking calls for training and security purposes. Voice ID is a new technology that uses voice biometrics to create your voiceprint. 


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