HSBC Online Banking activation

We're currently making improvements to our Online Banking service.

If you registered for Online Banking prior to the 17th December 2014 it's not possible for you to activate your existing Secure Key and you will need to re-start your registration.

If you registered for Online Banking after this date, please log on to Online Banking entering your username, memorable answer and your password, from here you will be prompted to activate your Secure Key.

We apologise for any inconvenience which this delay may cause. Once you are registered, we look forward to introducing you to Online Banking, including the exciting enhancements we're working on now.

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Protect your lost or stolen cards

Contact us as soon as you realise that your cards have been lost, stolen or may be misused. The sooner you tell us, the sooner we can protect your account.

Let us know via Online Banking

If your debit card has been lost or stolen please Log on to Online Banking with your Secure Key and select "Report lost and stolen" from the menu.

Firstly you will be asked to place a temporary block on your debit card. This will mean that your card is secure and no-one will be able to use it. Once you have placed the temporarily block on your card, return to "Report lost and stolen" within Online Banking to either unblock your card should you find it, or report it lost or stolen and order a replacement.

If you hold accounts in the Channel Islands or Isle of Man, please call us on 03456 007 161 as you can't block or report your debit cards lost or stolen online at the moment.

Phone our emergency line

If your credit card has been lost or stolen, or you have both credit cards and debit cards that have been lost or stolen please phone our emergency line on 0800 085 2401 from the UK or +44 1442 422929* if you are overseas.

Lines are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

What happens next?

If you place a temporary block on your card, you will not be able to use your card until you remove the block via Online Banking. If you report your card lost or stolen, we will cancel your card(s) immediately and issue you with replacement(s). You will receive a new card within 7 working days in the UK by post and within 10 working days overseas.

*Charges may be incurred if calling from overseas.

Useful security information

Read how we can work together to keep your HSBC card safe, including:

  • protecting your card and PIN
  • covering your PIN when you enter it to stop others seeing it
  • never divulging your PIN to anyone, even if they claim to be police or HSBC staff
  • checking statements and query transactions you don't recognise

Find out more about card security.

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