Overdraft Calculator

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From 0 days to 31 days, whenever your account is overdrawn you should make regular payments into your account.


This calculator gives you an indication of how much interest you'll pay if you use your overdraft. Additional charges may apply if we agree an unarranged overdraft on your account i.e. an overdraft which is above your arranged limit. If you think you need to borrow above your arranged overdraft limit then it will be cheaper for you to see if we can increase your arranged limit. You can request an increase via online banking, by calling us on 03457 404 404 or visit us in branch and we can talk to you about ways we can help. For full details on overdraft costs, including any charges, please see our Charges and Additional Product Terms (PDF).

The Overdraft Service is designed for short term finance between when you run out of funds in your current account until the next credit comes in. We expect typical overdraft usage to be for a relatively small amount for a few days. Often it may be one transaction that takes you overdrawn and the balance remains the same until a credit comes in. If you want to look at a scenario where there is further spend, you could do additional calculations and add the amounts together.