Adding value to your home

10 financially-savvy home improvements

Whether you have a growing family or simply want to improve the look and feel of your house, home improvements can be a sound financial investment. As well as potentially adding long-term value and making you money when you come to sell, you get to enjoy the benefits of any changes you make now.

But while most home improvements may boost the value of your home, which ones could add the most? Our helpful guide to the top 10 home improvements gives you a run-down of the most popular enhancements and what value they could bring.

  1. Covert your loft
  2. This is a great way to create an extra bedroom or bathroom. Most of the work could be done from the outside which means it's less disruptive too. If you have a loft with a ceiling height of at least 2.4 metres and you want extra space, this could be an option.

    Average value added: over £16,000*1

  3. Build an extension
  4. Extensions are a popular way to add extra living space to homes and can increase the value of your property by as much as 10%*2. It's a good idea to look at the price of other houses in your area to calculate how much value an extra bedroom could add before you make a decision.

    Average value added: over £15,000*3

  5. Add a conservatory
  6. This can be a fast and cost-effective way to create additional space and make your home even more appealing. As long as you choose a quality style that fits in with the rest of your house, this desirable room can prove to be an aesthetic and practical asset.

    Average value added: over £9,000*4

  7. Refit your kitchen
  8. One of the most popular rooms in the home, kitchens are used for everything from cooking and homework to a space to socialise in. So they're worth investing in for your family and for the future. Whatever style of new kitchen you're considering, it's important that your budget is appropriate to the value of your house - otherwise you may not make back what you spend.

    Average value added: over £5,000*5

  9. Do up the bathroom
  10. This is another room that more than pays for itself when it's modern, aspirational and functional. You don't need to spend thousands; you just need to spend your money in the right places - a power shower, heated towel rail and quality fittings.

    Average value added: over £3,000*6

  11. Bring the garden in
  12. A clever way to make your home feel bigger is to give the illusion that it's more connected to your garden. Think glass doors, outdoor lighting, raised decking and furniture. In the warmer months, it literally can become another room for lounging, dining and playing in. You could even go as far adding a garden pod to create extra office space.

    Average value added: between 5% and 10% *7

  13. Install central heating
  14. If your home doesn't already have it, this is an essential. This may cost you between £1,000 and £3,000 but could add both warmth and value to your home.

    Average value added: £5,000*8

  15. Go green with renewable energy
  16. A government scheme called the Green Deal helps you make money-saving improvements to your home and find the best way to pay for them. These include, wall and loft insulation, double glazing and draught proofing. Or go one step further and install renewable energy saving technologies like the photovoltaic solar system (PV) - you could save money on electricity bills and earn £900 cashback under the Government's feed-in-tariff.

    Average saving with PV: £750 a year*9

  17. Change the windows
  18. As well as losing heat and costing you money in energy bills, old windows create a bad first impression of your home. Whether you decide to replace them with uPVC, metal or wooden frames, choose a style that suits the age and style of your property.

    Average value added: over £5,000*10

  19. Get rid of the garage
  20. Parking may be at a premium, but if you don't use your garage you could add more value by converting yours into extra living or working space.

    Value added: multiply the square footage gained by the local price per square foot *11

Bigger rooms topped the list of the most important criteria when shopping for a new home, according to a survey of 2,000 homeowners by

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Please note: The average value added figures are for illustration only and customers should take professional advice before carrying out any home improvements if you are looking to add value to your property.

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