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Premier Family accounts

Give your children and grandchildren a financial head start

Helping children and grandchildren manage their own money

Understanding and experiencing the value of money is a key life skill you can teach a child and an essential step for them to enjoy their own full lives. HSBC Premier provides specially designed bank and savings account to help you do just that.

  • Encourage children to save from the age of 7 with an HSBC Premier MySavings account and the experience of managing a current account from 11 years old with an HSBC Premier MyAccount.HSBC Premier MySavings and HSBC Premier MyAccount are available to children and grandchildren of HSBC Premier customers.*1
  • HSBC Premier MyAccount has a contactless debit card that allows them to withdraw up to £100 a day from cash machines in the UK and around the world, without being charged a cash withdrawal fee by HSBC.*2
  • The child’s accounts will be held in their name, but we allow parents to check them for complete peace of mind
  • Mobile, online and telephone banking from the age of 11
  • Access to the Global Safety Net with access to the same emergency services you would receive abroad (HSBC Premier Emergency Helpline: +44 1470 697 168, Enquiries: 03457 404 404, Overseas: +44 1226 261 010)

*1 Parents must be present at account opening for both child and grandchild accounts. Grandparents do not need to be present at the point of account opening but will be required to verify their Premier status.

*2 Some other cash machine operators may apply a direct charge for withdrawals from their cash machines and this should be advised on screen at the time of withdrawal. These transactions are subject to a non-sterling transaction fee, currently 2.75% of the amount of the transaction.

Apply for HSBC Premier MySavings:

To open a Premier MySavings for a child, you must be a Premier customer, for which certain financial and other criteria apply.

How do I apply for Premier MySavings

You can apply for a Premier MySavings account by downloading an application form and taking it to your local branch. You will need to take identification and proof of your address with you.

Apply in branch

When you've filled it in, take it to your nearest HSBC branch in person with your identification and proof of address.

If you're under 16, your parent or legal guardian will need to sign the application form and be present in the branch when you open the account.

Brochures and key facts

HSBC Premier is subject to status. We'll review your account on a regular basis and if you no longer meet the qualifying criteria, we'll transfer your account to a Bank Account.

Account opening and credit is subject to status. All applicants are required to provide a passport or national ID card and proof of permanent residential address.

Important documents

Before applying, please take the time to read the following documents. You may also want to save them for future reference.

HSBC Premier eligibility criteria


HSBC Premier is available to you, if you pay your annual income into your HSBC Premier Bank Account and have either:

  1. savings or investments of at least £50,000 with HSBC in the UK; or
  2. an individual annual income of at least £75,000 and one of the following products with HSBC in the UK:  a mortgage, investment, life insurance or protection product.


Or if you’ve already qualified for HSBC Premier in another country or region.

Apply for an HSBC Premier Bank Account

If you meet the eligibility criteria above and are ready to enjoy the benefits of becoming an HSBC Premier customer, take the next step:

Apply online

Non-HSBC customers can apply for a sole HSBC Premier Bank Account Online by clicking below or in branch or by phone.

If you want to apply for a joint account, this can only be done in branch or by phone

Already a customer?

If you're already an HSBC customer, you can apply in one of our branches.

Most of our UK branches are open following COVID19, but our opening hours have changed. Please check the branch finder for the opening hours of your local branch. These may change at any time.

If you’re a Premier customer in another country or region, please speak to your Premier Manager or your local branch to apply for an account.

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