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Credit Card Instalment Plans

Spread the cost of your larger purchases

How a credit card instalment plan could help you

Instalment plans give you a simple way to spread the cost of your larger purchases.

We'll let you know when you have an instalment plan offer available. When you do, you can choose eligible purchases to repay in regular instalments over a period that suits you - either 3, 6 or 12 months.

We won't charge interest on an instalment plan, just a monthly fee.

The amount of the instalment and fee will depend on the plan amount and period. It'll be the same amount for each month you have the plan.

Features and benefits

  • Spread the cost with fixed monthly repayments

  • You could pay less overall with an instalment plan

  • Select multiple eligible transactions

  • Personalise your plan to suit your needs

How instalment plans work

You can see and choose eligible transactions to repay on an instalment plan in your HSBC Mobile Banking app. These will be purchases of at least £100 on your latest statement, or which you’ve made on your card since then.

You can choose up to 10 transactions to move to an instalment plan. They’ll need to add up to at least £250, as that’s the lowest amount you can repay on a plan.

An instalment plan will always cost you less than repaying the same spend on your card without a plan, by making fixed monthly payments over the same period.

Setting up an instalment plan

We’ll check from time to time if you’re eligible to set up an instalment plan. If you have an offer available, we’ll let you know via the app, or we’ll write to you.

You can check by logging on and selecting your credit card account from the list. If you have an offer available, you'll see an option for ‘Instalments’.

Remember that any instalment plan offer will only be available for a limited time.

You can have up to 6 instalment plans at one time. Your statement will show the monthly instalment and fee for each plan and these will be included in your ‘minimum plus instalment plan payment’. That’s the amount you’ll need to pay to make your minimum payment and keep any plans on your account. If you don’t pay that amount for two months in a row, the newest plan will be cancelled first. That’s because we’ll apply your payments against plans in the order they were added to the account, starting with the oldest.

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