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What are some of the different types of loans?

This brief guide will explain some of the different types of loans available to help you make a more informed decision. Of the loan types listed below, we don't offer credit union, peer-to-peer & payday loans.

Secured loans

Secured loans tend to be larger than most therefore lenders require these loans to be tied to an asset such as your house.

A mortgage is a type of secured loan because the lender has the security of your house in case you're unable to pay it back.

Unsecured loans

These tend to be for smaller amounts. They aren't tied to any assets but your credit rating will usually be taken into consideration and may determine how much you can borrow. Take a look at our article 'Tips for a successful loan application' for more information.

Unsecured Personal loans are particularly helpful if you want to borrow a large amount for a home renovation or family holiday over a period of time and can be a more cost effective alternative to a credit card or an overdraft. The interest rate is likely to vary depending on the provider, however.


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Credit union loans

A credit union is a self-help co-operative whereby the members combine savings to provide each other with credit at a low and competitive interest rate. To be a member, you need to share a common bond with other members such as living or working in the same area.

Peer to peer lending

Peer-to-peer (p2p) lending brings borrowers and savers together with competitive rates of interest for both parties. However, p2p websites are not covered by the government backed Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS) which protects bank savers up to £75,000.

It's likely a fee will be involved based on the amount you've borrowed.

It's likely a fee will be involved based on the amount you've borrowed.

Payday loans

Payday loans let you borrow small amounts over a relatively short period of time, usually until your next payday.

The application process maybe quicker than for other loans but these tend to have very high interest rates meaning you could end up paying back interest which is multiple times the amount of the original amount borrowed.


Take a look at our range of loans and select the one that suits you best.

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