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The Vicious Circle

Supporting people without a fixed home address to open a bank account

It's time to break the circle

We're working with housing and homelessness charities like Shelter to help people without a fixed home address to open a bank account. This gives them a safe place to keep and spend money they get from work or benefits, as well as a way to spend or save towards their future.

The charity provides the address, and we provide the bank account. Together, we can open up a world of opportunity.

The Housing Emergency

The charity Shelter helps millions of people every year struggling with bad housing or homelessness through their advice, support, and legal services. Many more people are afraid of becoming homeless because of the coronavirus outbreak.

Recent studies show the shocking truth around homelessness in England.

  • over 250,000 people in England are homeless and in temporary accommodation
  • over 61% of adults in England living in temporary accommodation are women
  • single parents make up 72% of all homeless families living in temporary accommodation, but only 24% of families
  • 1 in 23 black households become homeless or are at risk of becoming homeless, compared to 1 in 83 households from all other ethnicities
  • 24% of young homeless people in the UK are LGBT+
  • more than half (55%) of people who make a homeless application are aged between 16 and 34

Source: Shelter, AKT, MHCLG

To keep people safe all year round, Shelter have come up with another way to help others.
Visit their website to buy any of their charitable chocolate bars, cards and more. Your money could help to keep people safe all year round.

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