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How to save money at the supermarket

Ever get the feeling you spent a little bit more than you wanted to at the supermarket? It’s not uncommon.

Here are some tips to make sure your spending stays in control.

1. Make a shopping list

Before you head to the supermarket, sit down and plan your meals for the week. From this you’ll be able to write a list of everything you need – whether it’s ingredients or pre-made meals. Make sure to take stock of what's in your cupboards to see what you already have.

A shopping list can help reduce the risk of you forgetting anything and, if you stick to it, may help curb those impulse purchases. 

2. Set a spending limit

Working out how much you have to spend on food alongside other costs can help you set yourself a spending limit. You could break this allocation down weekly or monthly, or whenever you plan on buying your food.

If you’ve opened a student current account, you may also have access to mobile or online banking which can help you keep track of your money. 

3. Shop at the right times

Look out for yellow stickers and check out the reduced section to see if you can snap up a bargain. Some supermarkets start reducing items nearing their sell-by date in the evening – so it may be worth doing your food shop a bit later in the day if you’re able to.

4. Find the best deals

Shop around at different food stores and even try different aisles in the supermarket to find the best deals. You’ll often see buy-one-get-one-free deals, special offers and bulk buy discounts, but there are also savings to be made on own brand products.

5. Do your food shopping online

If you can’t trust yourself to stay away from impulse buys and other items, try doing your food shop online. You’ll be able to follow your shopping list without straying and you can do it all from the comfort of your home.

What next?

Getting thrifty with your food shop can help you save money and also help create good financial habits for the future. 

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