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Post Office banking

Make everyday banking more convenient

Everyday banking should be easy and convenient. If you have a HSBC UK current account, a quick visit to your local Post Office is often all you need to take care of the essentials. Use your debit card to check your balance, withdraw or deposit cash at any of the 11,500 Post Office locations across the UK.

Use our handy tool to find your nearest Post Office and check opening days and times.

Post Office banking services

If you have an HSBC UK current account or a first direct current account, here's what you can do at the Post Office.

Deposit cash

Using your debit card, you can deposit up to:

  • £2,000 cash at your local Post Office (normally a small outlet with just one counter)
  • £6,000 cash at a main Post Office (normally on the high street)

The clerk will give you a receipt and the cash will appear in your account immediately.

You don't need to provide your PIN or ID.

Deposit cheques

To do this, you'll need to bring a paying-in slip, as the Post Office doesn't provide these.

The Post Office clerk will give you an HSBC cheque deposit envelope, with boxes to write your account number and sort code. You'll get a zero value receipt - the clerk won't open your envelope.

Cheques deposited at the Post Office take a little longer to clear, so you should allow 2 extra days.

Withdraw cash

With your debit card, you can withdraw cash of any value up to your daily withdrawal limit.

You'll need your PIN to confirm the withdrawal and the clerk will give you a receipt, but you don't need to provide ID.

Check your balance

To do this, you'll just need to provide your debit card and PIN. The clerk will give you a receipt with your balance printed on it, face down - they won't be able to see your balance.

Business customers

If you have a business account with us, you can also do your everyday banking at the Post Office with just your Business Deposit Card or Business Debit Card, like deposit up to £20,000 cash at a main Post Office and use the Change Giving Lite service to withdraw coins up to £1,000.

Post Office Cheque Encashment Service (PACE)

For our personal account customers who are unable to use a Chip + PIN card, we offer an encashment service up to the value of £100 per day. You can increase the value to a maximum of £500 per cheque - just ask your Post Office to advise HSBC to change the daily limit value.

You can use the PACE service if you:

  • have a Chip + Signature card and can't use a PIN pad
  • can present and sign the cheque in person
  • have an HSBC cheque book with a frequency calendar in the back, as the Post Office will check and mark the calendar before encashing the cheque 

You can use the encashment service at up to 3 Post Office branches, and you'll need to complete and sign a mandate for each branch you choose. The service will take up to 2 weeks to set up once the mandate is completed.

The PACE encashment service isn't available for our business customers. 


Things you should know


We can help with cash deposits and withdrawals and some other services. However, we won't be able to help with things such as appointments, new products or account openings.

If you have a first direct current account, please contact first direct before going into your local Post Office. 

It’s easy to get in touch online. Talk to us directly through our chat channels.