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Support for addictions

Discover how to get support for gambling, alcohol, drug and overspending

We understand how addictions can come in many different forms, sometimes making existing money problems worse. If you’re struggling with an addiction and keeping on top of your finances, help is at hand. Please check for advice on how to cope with money worries.

If you’re suffering from addictions or are helping someone else who is, they can affect more than just the person coping with the problem, as well as having an impact on mental health. Find out more about the range of support available on mental health and your finances.

If addiction is affecting your physical and mental health, try speaking to your GP or visiting the NHS website for support.

Discover how you can get support with:

  • gambling
  • alcohol and drugs
  • overspending 


There are many different forms of gambling, but it may be a problem if it’s difficult to stop thinking about, you feel like you can’t stop, or losses are resulting in debt. Problems with gambling can also begin to take a toll on relationships, finances and career.

We understand how difficult a gambling addiction can be to deal with. To better support you to control your spending, we can help you to restrict gambling related transactions on your debit cards. 

Visit our gambling restrictions page for more information.

Alcohol and drugs

Struggling with alcohol and drugs can cause physical and mental health issues, as well as impacting our relationships and finances. Getting help with your wellbeing comes first, but it’s also important to plan a recovery from any financial problems.

We can reduce the ATM limit on your debit card so you can control the amount of cash you withdraw each day. Additionally, please consider independent organisations for further support:

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Free online chat service for people who are looking for support about their own or someone else's drinking. 

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Information and support on alcohol and drugs. 0300 123 6600

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StepChange is a charity that offers free debt management advice. 0800 138 1111


If you regularly spend more money than you can afford, be it on credit cards, overdrafts, or by using payday loans you may need to get help. If you’re struggling to make regular repayments on your borrowing, we can support you by reducing or removing credit limits, or discussing repayment plans. Visit money worries to find out more.

Need additional support? StepChange is a charity that offers free debt management advice. You can call them on 0800 138 1111

It's easy to answer your query online. Visit our Help page to find out how.