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Current accounts

Make managing your money easy with an HSBC current account. Apply for your account today and take full control of your finances.

Show your money who's boss with our Bank Account. Discover an account that gives you everything you need for everyday banking, with no monthly account fee.
Not sure which account to choose? Compare our current accounts and find the one that suits you best.
We make switching banks simple. Make the move from your old bank to HSBC in just a few easy steps.

What kind of current account are you looking for?

Make day-to-day banking a breeze with our everyday current accounts.
The smart way to manage your money, before and after you graduate.
Our MyMoney children's accounts make looking after money easy.
Find an account that works for you, whether you're a start-up, sole trader or SME.

Before you get your current account

Read our guides to make sure you've got your head around the finer details.
Find out what documents you'll need to make sure your application goes smoothly.
Opening a joint account is easy with HSBC – see what you need to do.
From standing order to IBAN, get to grips with a few banking terms worth knowing.
Need a new bank account? Explore the different types and what they include.
Find out how overdrafts work, how you can use them, and things to watch out for.

Our most popular bank accounts

Our premium bank account, with no monthly account fee and access to exclusive rates on savings and borrowing.

You must have an income of £75,000+ and another eligible HSBC product; or have £50,000 in savings or investments with us; or hold and qualify for HSBC Premier in another country or region. Other eligibility criteria and T&Cs apply.

Our most popular, everyday current account that provides all you need to stay on top of your finances.

Gives access to retail offers and our Regular Saver Account, with no monthly account fee.

Everyday banking with retail offers and no monthly account fee.

You'll need to qualify for an optional arranged overdraft of at least £1,000. Other eligibility criteria and T&Cs apply.

A current account designed to help you make the most of student life.

Banking at your fingertips

Managing your money is easy and secure with our Mobile Banking app. Device restrictions apply.

Make the most of your current account

Find out how you can use your account to stay on top of your money.
Whether you're receiving payments or making them, understanding your account number and sort code can make money transfers easier.
If you need to move money electronically, a bank transfer allows you to send money both locally and internationally.
Making regular fixed payments to another account? A standing order can help you streamline the process.
If you have multiple bills or subscriptions, approving automatic withdrawals can save you time and simplify payments.
Need to quickly transfer money between two UK accounts? Learn how a real-time payments system helps you do this.
One of the best things you can do is act quickly to get things sorted. Find out how.