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Switch to a different mortgage rate

If your current fixed rate mortgage is coming to an end, and you're on a HSBC Variable Rate, HSBC Buy to Let Variable Rate or a tracker rate, we can help you switch to a new HSBC mortgage rate. Depending on your circumstances and the interest rate you choose, switching rates may reduce your monthly payment.

How it works

Step 1 – Review your current interest rate. If you’re on a fixed interest rate and are looking to switch, there may be early repayment charges depending on how long your rate has left.

You can find these details on your mortgage statement, or offer. You can also see them by logging on to online banking and looking under ‘My Accounts’.

There are no early repayment charges if you're on the HSBC Variable Rate, or HSBC Buy to Let Variable rate.


Step 2 – Find and compare our current mortgage rates, or view all our mortgage rates.

Next steps

You can either apply online if you don’t need advice, or call us to book an appointment so we can review your financial circumstances and help find the best rate for you.

See more information about switching rates.

Call us

To discuss your options, please call us on 0800 169 6333, select option 0.

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